Jen McGowan in Forbes

Our director Jen McGowan is in Forbes this week, talking about how she created an inclusive platform to empower women In Hollywood. Here’s a snippet :

“I worked in commercials as a day job to pay the bills. In 20 years of doing that job, I only worked for three women directors. Two of them were one-offs [only hired for one job] and only one of them was a regular.”

…. As her peers began to produce films it sparked her desire to create at their level. McGowan didn’t let the fear of failure halt her momentum, her decision to begin making movies. “I made a film. It was a short film. And it was really awful,” she states. “What it did is it served a purpose in my life, which is it introduced me to directing. That was incredibly important because it’s where I had my Goldilocks moment. It’s where I discovered what I was meant to be doing with my life. It’s where I felt completely at ease and confident and natural in every step of the process.”

Read more about Jen’s inspiring journey here.

New Director – Jen McGowan

New Director - Jen McGowan

Jen McGowan studied directing in the MFA program at USC and also studied acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts under David Ma­met. Her first feature, ‘Kelly & Cal’, starring Juliette Lewis and Cybill Shepherd, premiered at SXSW where she won the Gamechanger Director Award. She is a Film Independent Fellow, was a finalist for the Clint Eastwood Filmmakers Award, recipient of the Alliance of Women Directors Breakout Award for Excellence in Directing and was included on Vulture’s list of Women Directors Hollywood Should Be Hiring.

Prior to directing, Jen also worked in commer­cial production for RSA, Radical and Propaganda and worked on features including Oscar-winning ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

Picture: Jen McGowan taken by Bracha Jade

New Director – Sheldon Candis

New Director - Sheldon Candis

Baltimore native, Sheldon’s feature directorial debut LUV, starring the supremely talented rapper Common was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. He has since built an impressive career with docu-narrative series such as ‘Deep Dive’ for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and ‘I will what I want’ about ballet phenomenon Misty Copeland. His feature length documentary Baltimore Boys – the true story of the greatest high school basketball team ever – is an ESPN 30 for 30 original film. In 2016 the Sundance Now Doc Club released his short docu­mentary ‘Who will Survive America’ about the USA’s love affair with guns.
Sheldon’s music video short film “Crooked Smile”, a collaboration with RocNation and J.Cole was nominated for the MTV Music Video Award for Best Video with a social Statement,
Sheldon also brings a wealth of experience in commercial film projects, with previous work for clients including Beats, Ford, Walmart, Under Armour and Honda. We are thrilled to have him aboard.
Picture: Sheldon directing Michael Rainey Jr. in LUV

Bracha Jade joins Third Channel

Bracha Jade joins Third Channel

Bracha Jade joins Third Channel

Welcoming the wonderful Bracha Jade to the Third Channel family, who is opening the Third Channel office in Los Angeles. Writer/ Producer Bracha, brings years of experience in movie, commercial and music video production and has worked with brands such as BMW, Canon and Levis, movies such as Garfield and Minority Report and music videos for a vast array of artists including Madonna, Prince, Jessica Simpson, Hillary Duff, Brittany Murphy and Queen Latifah.

Picture: Bracha (in the hat) and Dorothea shooting “The Female Planet” series for Surround Vision and Google Daydream on Venice Beach in August 2017.

New Showreel

New Showreel

We are delighted to present the new Third Channel showreel featuring the work of our directors Marcus McSweeney and Santiago Posada and voiced by Eddie Brett
Voice Over:Eddie Brett
Music:Blanck Mass “Please”
Sound Design: Diego Cáceres

Google – Women who VRock


This week Third Channel’s Dorothea Gibbs was invited to speak on a panel for women in VR, organised by the Google Daydream team entitled “Women who VRock” on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The other panelists included Julia Hamilton Trost, Sarah Steele and Adrienne McAllister from Google Daydream, Malia Probst of VR Scout and Teek Van Thi Mach, Google’s VR artist in Residence. The evening was brilliantly put together with really interesting insights on how creatives can get into VR and what the opportunities are for story-telling, commissioning and artistic expression. Prior to the event Teek even did a VR visualisation for what the evening might look like on the HTC Vive. Check it out here. She is really super talented and will be launching an exciting new project with Google early 2018.

Marcus McSweeney Joins Third Channel

We are delighted to welcome award winning Director Marcus McSweeney to Third Channel. Marcus has worked on a wide range of projects from narrative
films to online documentary. Working with Vice since 2007, he helped develop their branded content department making some of the first films for Virtue – Vice’s agency. His film Man and Boy starring Eddie Marsan won best film at Tribeca – Robert De Niro’s festival. Marcus also comes on board as a partner and his experience running his own production company, Son of Sweeney – which has produced internationally since 2012 – will help Third Channel expand their reach into 2018.

Dorothea Gibbs speaks at YMS London

Dorothea Gibbs speaks at YMS

Dorothea Gibbs speaks at YMS

This week Third Channel’s Dorothea Gibbs was invited to speak on a panel “Mixed up Reality” at the Youth Marketing Strategy, the world’s largest youth marketing festival. The panel focused on how to make 360 video and VR work in your marketing campaign. Dorothea was joined on the panel by Martin Jarlgaard, fashion designer who created the first ever mixed reality fashion show and James E. Marks of Double Me.

Analog Studio, MPC and Third Channel at Glug London

Dorothea Gibbs speaks at Glug London

Dorothea Gibbs speaks at Glug London

This week Glug London – an organisation on a mission to champion creative communities around the world – invited visual storytellers Analog Studio, MPC, Found Studio, Fire Panda and Third Channel to talk about imaginative ways of bridging the gap between real and virtual life. Dorothea focussed on  exploring the types of stories that work best for the medium of virtual reality. Check our her personal site Third Eye VR which details some of the ideas from this talk. One of the highlights from the evening included getting a sneak peak into the new Bjork VR film for her single “Not Get” by Arvid Niklasson from Analog studio who had created a Bjork’s half woman / half GPU avatar.

Third Eye Teaser

Here’s a still from our upcoming virtual reality teaser.

A portal between our world and the virtual, this short video starring actor and writer Gavino di Vino previews a new VR project Third Eye launching later this year. Directed by Dorothea Gibbs, the team braved wind, rain and blizzard to bring part one to fruition – phase two, in the form of a 3D scan, is currently in production.

Special thanks to DOP Emile Kelly, Mark Gee, Juana Fernandez and Jamie Strachan for pulling this off against all odds. Check out Third Eye VR here.

BRWM Animation

We teamed up with the wonderful Emily Howell Animations last month to create a series of ‘Lessons in Investment’ videos for Barnett Ravenscroft Wealth Management.

Learn your assets from your bonds here

Tido Music App for iPad

“An app that turns the page for you is pretty much a dream”

We’ve had the pleasure of creating a promo video for ground-breaking music app Tido. Making life easier for pianists the world over, Tido combines audio, text and video elements to personalise practising at home; with background information on featured composers, easy drag and drop compositions and masterclass videos posted by leading pianists, this app even saves time on trawling through sheet music via its auto-paging feature.

Watch the video here

East West Street Book Trailer

71 - Nuremberg Courtroom


“What haunts are not the dead but the gaps left within us by the secrets of others” 

Thanks to Orion Publishing, we recently got the chance to make a trailer for the new book by Philippe Sands, East West Street, The Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity. This book is a fascinating personal journey into the painful history of Sands’ Polish Jewish family during the WWII. Sands also delves headlong into the stories of the prominent Nazi leaders that had a hand in the fate both his family and the millions of other Jews from Nazi occupied Poland and Austria. Perhaps most importantly, the book uncovers the origins of the words “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”.

As there are so many story threads within this extraordinary book, it was tricky deciding which story to focus the trailer on – to bring out the essence of the book in just one minute. We decided to focus on the Nuremberg trials, the point in the book where all the stories collide and the first time in history where these new terms became punishable crimes. After searching London high and low for a court that would evoke the feeling of the famous Nuremberg Courtroom, we came across the wonderfully dilapidated Bristol Old Crown Courts. Our production designer Juana Fernandez did a spectacular job of covering the space with layers of dust to reference the passing of 70 years since the trials and to recreate Sands’ recurrent theme of elusive memory. The last shot of a room full of paper was inspired by a spectacular photograph of a courtroom at Nuremberg, a day after the trials.

Watch the trailer here.

Read an excerpt from the book here.


Roger Waters The Wall – Release

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 22.07.42

We are delighted to announce the release of feature documentary Roger Waters The Wall this weekend. Third Channel’s Dorothea Gibbs was proud to be the production manager for the London tour containing the incredible light display which took place in 2014 – we are really excited to see the final product! The Wall was nominated for a 2016 Grammy for Best Music Film.

Discovery Channel – Desafío x 2 Colombia

Experts agree there are some very basic – and universal – rules for surviving in the wild. Find shelter, find water, find food, find help. Beyond that, there’s not much they agree on. 

Santiago Posada has just finished directing the first season of Desafio x 2 Colombia; a six-episode series for Discovery Channel, shooting in snow peaked mountains, arid deserts, wild seas and deep in the Amazon jungle. Desafio x 2 Colombia is the adaptation of the original american series Dual Survival