Joy's Camp

The team continue with a stop at the wild, remote and incredibly special Joy’s Camp in Shaba National Reserve. After a long, windy and bumpy road through the park we ended up in an oasis of sandy coloured tents lined by carefully landscaped rock paths through the bush. Directly in front of the camp is a wide open flat opening in the bush full with giraffe, buffalo, zebra and wort hogs to name a few – So teaming with wildlife, it feels surreal. Joy’s Camp is named after Joy Adamson the famous naturalist and author of “Born Free” who dedicated her life to the conservation and study of Lions and Cheetahs and spent her final years raising a Leopard cub on the site of the camp. Here is a picture of a Cheetah we took at Amoboseli a couple of days ago in her honour!

Photo by: Pedro França