This week Third Channel’s Dorothea Gibbs was invited to speak on a panel for women in VR, organised by the Google Daydream team entitled “Women who VRock” on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The other panelists included Julia Hamilton Trost, Sarah Steele and Adrienne McAllister from Google Daydream, Malia Probst of VR Scout and Teek Van Thi Mach, Google’s VR artist in Residence. The evening was brilliantly put together with really interesting insights on how creatives can get into VR and what the opportunities are for story-telling, commissioning and artistic expression. Prior to the event Teek even did a VR visualisation for what the evening might look like on the HTC Vive. Check it out here. She is really super talented and will be launching an exciting new project with Google early 2018.