Our director Jen McGowan is in Forbes this week, talking about how she created an inclusive platform to empower women In Hollywood. Here’s a snippet :

“I worked in commercials as a day job to pay the bills. In 20 years of doing that job, I only worked for three women directors. Two of them were one-offs [only hired for one job] and only one of them was a regular.”

…. As her peers began to produce films it sparked her desire to create at their level. McGowan didn’t let the fear of failure halt her momentum, her decision to begin making movies. “I made a film. It was a short film. And it was really awful,” she states. “What it did is it served a purpose in my life, which is it introduced me to directing. That was incredibly important because it’s where I had my Goldilocks moment. It’s where I discovered what I was meant to be doing with my life. It’s where I felt completely at ease and confident and natural in every step of the process.”

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