What got you into photography? Was there an ‘aha!’ moment for you?
I had always been artistic, I did a lot of drawing and painting however it never reached the standard that I wanted. I studied photography at college where we held an exhibition a few months into the course. I had some really positive feedback from my work and I realised this was the medium that I wanted to explore and perfect.

How would you describe your photography style to others?
Even after five years, I still don’t know how to describe my work. It’s colourful, jazzy and playful with a side of retro.

Nathan Head

Could you tell us about the biggest influence/s that have shaped your current style?
Music is the biggest influence which has shaped the style I work with today. I seek a lot of inspiration from Korean pop music, particularly from vibrant and memorising music videos. City Pop is another genre of music which helps create a retro narrative within my work, particularly the 1980’s.

Beaches, the sea and resort life tend to be a reoccurring theme throughout your work. What attracted you to these elements?
I like shooting scenes that have a relaxing vibe to them, I want the audience to feel the warm and relaxing atmosphere associated with being on vacation and at the beach.

Nathan Head

And your use of vibrant hues is a big factor throughout too. Why do you think people respond to colour so well?
I think a harmonious colour combination can make any subject appealing, it adds personality and charm to a photograph.

What goes through your mind when you begin an edit?
I will always listen to music when I edit my photographs. Not a lot of thought really goes into the editing process, I will play and experiment until I find a destination I am content with.

What’s the most challenging photo you’ve taken so far? Any interesting stories behind some of your photos?
I think my photographs from my trip to Ibiza back in 2016 were some of my most challenging and interesting pieces of work. They were all shot on my iPhone and I allowed myself to be very experimental with my editing, which I think was the first time I really portrayed my own personal style.

You can collaborate with anyone in the world. Who’d it be and why?
I would’ve loved to have collaborated with the Korean group Wonder Girls, but honestly I’d love to work with any Korean girl group or artist. I think a collaboration like this would be a full circle moment for me.

Nathan Head

Anything else you’re excited to share with us? / What are you working on at the moment we should look out for?
I will be travelling to Canada in late August so expect to see a fresh new perspective as I shoot unfamiliar landscapes. I’m looking to do a lot more travelling in the next 12 months so I hope to be sharing a wider variety of work. I also have a few things in the works at the moment that I can’t wait to share soon!

Seems like many of us are embarking on new travels soon! To keep up to date with where Nathan’s at, follow him on Instagram @nathan.head or check out his prints here: www.nathanheadphotography.com

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