Second Home – The Bulb Success Story

How to kickstart your business with the right office space partner

Bulb founders Amit Gudka and Hayden Wood reflect on how their co-working space Second Home helped them to skyrocket their growth and success. Third Channel director Santiago Posada looks at what is one of the biggest drivers for change in startups within Second Home: Inspiration from their environment.

Third Channel was commissioned by Second Home to highlight Bulb’s success story – growing exponentially to 1 Million customers, in the 3 years under the Second Home roof. Posada responded to the brief by focussing on frenetic London and the lamps and lightbulbs that decorate the beautiful Second Home Spitalfields location – visualising energy as a huge character within the Second Home x Bulb story of success..

Collaboration and teamwork were integral to Bulb’s business ethos and those aspects are something Posada has also spotlighted in the film. Both Gudka and Wood point out the benefits of being in a shared workspace with other businesses. Such an environment makes problem solving that much more exciting, as different ideas, opinions and perspectives elevate every day business challenges.