Jen McGowan

Jen studied directing and acting under David Mamet at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts. Her first feature, Kelly & Cal, with Juliette Lewis and Cybill Shepherd won the Game Changer Director Award at SXSW. Her many accolades are equalled only by her passion for redressing the gender imbalance in film.

Her latest feature, thriller Rust Creek, starring Hermione Corfield, won 9 international film awards including best thriller at San Diego International Film Festival. Jen is interested in comedy, women’s issues, women’s rights, fun, lightness, narrative, scripted.

Juliette Lewis, Third Channel, Jen McGowan

Kelly and Cal feat. Juliette Lewis - Feature film

Rust Creek, Hermione Corfield, Third Channel

Rust Creek feat. Hermione Corfield - Feature Film