Food Fads and Hype-feasts

Feast on this food doc for Hellmans and Vice Munchies with Lee Tiernan

In a series of three videos Third Channel director Marcus McSweeney follows celebrity chef Lee Tiernan across London, New York and Los Angeles. Munchies, the online food channel owned by Vice Media, approached McSweeney due to his in-depth knowledge of the London restaurant scene. Sponsored by Helmans this part-food part-travel documentary, sees Tiernan really get to the bottom of great tasting food.

The first video, Hype-feast, was shot in London and explored the hype-beast like culture of foodies looking to not just eat but share their dinner with all their instagram followers. Food making and eating has always been a communal activity but Tiernan and McSweeney dive into what that looks like in today’s digitally focused community spaces.

Exploration and travel was key to the shoot. In the second film Food Fads McSweeney and Tiernan went to Los Angeles to really investigate the shift in food culture. Tapping into the healthy food obsession and wellness scene, to see what it truly encompases. In a quintessentially LA experience, which was both novel and eye opening, a ‘grow your own’, back to basics, seasonal approach to produce reveals to be the heart of the video.

The openness and agricultural focus found in LA is juxtaposed quite strongly with the food scene of NYC. With its uniqueness and variety of food stuff from around the globe, the city really is a trailblazer pushing boundaries as a global food capital. Director Marcus McSweeney found NYC to be the most enjoyable shoot: ‘The cultural heritage of food in NYC is unparalleled, it doesn’t exist anywhere else and that’s amazing, the richness of foods brought through immigration became a part of the local culture and has now become mainstream.’