How do you use an influencer’s time without wasting your own?

Have you ever thought that influencer marketing seems to fall short, not quite achieving a response to match the price-tag? Too often the celebrity status takes centre stage with presenter-led interviews, and the hope of a few candid remarks. Rarely memorable, often contrived.

Given the opportunity to work with sporting heavyweights, Third Channel sought to avoid the obvious, aiming to create interesting and empathetic content by scratching below the surface.

Skrill, part of Paysafe Group, has been in the payment technology game since 2001, processing £11bn in payments annually.

Alessandro del Piero – the World Cup winning Italian striker and all-time leading goal scorer of Juventus F.C. is the new owner of the LA10 team, with Skrill as the main sponsor. After last year’s success working together with Del Piero and Skrill, Third Channel were brought on for another series of content. This time to announce and amplify the launch of the football team and their new sponsorship.

Choosing to move beyond Del Piero’s obvious superstar status, Third Channel looked more closely at the young LA10 team players themselves, hearing endearing stories and realising that viewers could relate to them directly on a deeper level.

Alessandro had selected players from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds. After we interviewed him and his players one-by-one we started to see a common thread. Alessandro himself came from humble beginnings, as did the players on his team. This obvious understanding between mentor & student goes deeper than a typical boss / employee relationship. It’s about empathy and helping those around you – qualities that speak directly to Skrill’s promise of enabling families and friends to help each other.

To amplify the campaign we created the social-first, ‘Skrill Challenge’ where Steve Nash and Del Piero had to land a basket and score a goal respectively, while blindfolded! Both scored, naturally, but the challenge was set for users to do the same, uploading their entries onto Instagram with one lucky winner receiving a £5000 credit on their Skrill account.

After one week, the assets had already accumulated hundreds of thousands of video views, social interactions and more than 100 competition entries across Skrill’s social profiles.

Encouraging results – seems the strategy of pushing influencer marketing, beyond a famous name, into meaningful and lasting content wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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