How films with heart help you stand out from the crowd

Third Channel conceived and produced compelling video content for international money transfer service Skrill, featuring ambassador Nikky Okyere the Barber, with incredible reach.

Skrill, part of Paysafe Group, has been in the payment technology game since 2001, processing £11bn in payments annually.

But how does one challenger payment brand stand out in a saturated market?

Skrill were looking for cost efficient and targeted ways to grow awareness and engage audiences within the UK / West African money transfer markets, specifically within Ghanaian communities in London.

We responded to this need by thinking about places that resonate with that community. Director Marcus McSweeney “I remembered there used to be money transfer points inside barbershops, so people could send money whilst waiting for their hair do.”

In doing our research, we kept hearing about Nikky Okyere – a charismatic barber from Slick Rick barbershop in London, whose enviable client list includes stars like Mr Eazi, Pogba, Mandzukic and Drogba. But Slick Rick is more than just a barbershop, it’s a central hub of the community where people from all over London go to dance, listen to music and share stories.

“This shop is a home away from home, bringing people together, blessing people.. that’s what we do “ Nikky Okyere.

“Third Channel created our ultimate, genuine influencer marketing – Nikky is a barber to premier league footballers and has nurtured a vibrant dancing culture in his own shop – that’s really quite a brilliant fit for us. “ Annie Gregory, Content & Social Media Lead, Paysafe Group.

“We didn’t come to England to quit, we are rule breakers, game changers…”

We pitched a branded film idea set in Slick Rick’s. Rich with character, we crafted a story of community, sharing, laughing and exchange of stories – qualities that speak directly to Skrill’s promise of enabling families and friends to help each other.

Watch the video

Nikky and his customers speak about the culture of working hard to send money back home, and how that helps them stay connected to friends and family abroad in places like Ghana.

We supported the video by conceiving a social campaign in the form of an online dancing competition, challenging viewers to submit their video responses to Nikky’s Call to Action. In addition to social kudos, the top three movers and shakers received cash winnings directly into their Skrill account. Kerching.

After only a couple weeks numbers are encouraging. It seems our strategy of connecting brands to targeted audiences on a human level is a winning one

Annie Gregory: “Because Third Channel have such strong in-house brand experience they quickly understood the needs of our business, and were able to conceive and execute a successful campaign without us even sending a brief”.

Very unusually for a fin-tech brand film, this piece was picked up and featured on the savvy creative publication magazine It’s Nice That which helped reader wider audiences than anticipated.

Third Channel have a real talent for finding genuinely interesting stories. This makes it infinitely easier for brands to deliver their message and far more likely for it to be organically picked up by publications and journalists.

If you have a creative brief or a project you’d like support with please get in touch, we’d love to help.

Based in East London, Third Channel is a micro agency and film production company – specialists in telling authentic human stories through branded, short-form, TV and long-form documentary formats.