Little Black Book Online showcases Voices of Jamaica

Little Black Book loves our authentic short film

Little Black Book online takes a look at Voices of Jamaica, speaking to Third Channel director Marcus McSweeney about his process and how the film came about. The full article is available here.

Third Channel director Marcus McSweeney was commissioned by The Face magazine and the Jamaican Tourist Board to capture a songwriting retreat at a musical pilgrimage to Geejam, organised by the producer Cadenza (Oliver Rodigan). In the exquisite film ‘Voices of Jamaica’, McSweeney captures what happens when producers and artists are brought to a secret music hideaway and left to their own creative devices.

Marcus McSweeney continues: “You just cannot define the creative spirit of the place, it was such a privilege to be there and see other creatives create. You couldn’t help but feel inspired yourself”. By centring on these artist-visitors to Jamaica, who come to be inspired and to create, McSweeney has made a film for the Jamaican tourist board that will inspire the calibre of traveller that we all want to be – a part of the creative local culture, not just an outside observer.

The full film can be viewed below: