Off Peak – a food show for the Staycation generation

Third Channel and The Face present Off Peak – Directed by Marcus McSweeney

Take time out to go off grid with the Taste Cadets and chef Lee Tiernan. We join a group of unlikely city lads as they try to survive in the English countryside, with nothing more than a tent, some firewood and a willingness to work for their dinner. Their mission? To find out if you can cook restaurant-level food over a campfire.

The Taste Cadets are three food-obsessed best mates from London, Allan “Seapa” Mustafa, Marcus Adams and Kieran Cavanagh, travel the world (and all over London) sampling rare and local delicacies. Seapa is basically a full time Taste Cadet when he is not busy playing MC Grindah from the BAFTA award winning BBC3 show People Just Do Nothing. Joining the boys is their good friend professional chef and restaurateur Lee Tiernan, starting out at St. John’s Bread and Wine, he now runs the acclaimed Black Axe Mangal, specialising in innovative open-fire cooking and underused ingredients with a bold aesthetic. .

On the show’s creation, Third Channel Director Marcus McSweeney says: “There is an opportunity and need to celebrate a lifestyle away from our phones. There is nothing like a back to basics weekend away with your friends to make you feel good, and in 2020 we need to take that as much as we can. I want Off Peak to encourage the audience to get out, have fun and get their hands dirty. There are so many food shows out there, but I wanted to make something that is within everyone’s reach, affordable and open to all.”

“Taste Cadets is about three mates travelling the world, trying out new food and learning about different cultures. Respect the land. Be sly, be clever, but respect the land.”
Allan “Seapa” Mustafa

The show was commissioned and co-produced with Third Channel by The Face magazine. Previous collaborations between The Face and Third Channel include Voices of Jamaica, also directed by Marcus McSweeney, featuring Jorja Smith. Off Peak, is one of several TV shows that Third Channel are developing for its new Film & TV department headed up by EP Dorothea Gibbs