Rejjie Snow | Brothers in Arms – ID Network x Vice

Third Channel Creative Director Marcus McSweeney, ID Network and Vice team up for a series of short human-lead documentaries, New Originals, focusing on the role of music, sport and technology in our lives. Sponsored by iD Mobile, the films sought to emulate the ethos of the new 4G network, focusing on inspiring people who take control of their destiny.

The first film sees Third Channel director Marcus McSweeney go back to his Irish roots, during this guided tour of Dublin by acclaimed international rapper Rejjie Snow. Premiering on Noisey, the film is an introspective deep dive into the background and beginnings of the humble Rejjie Snow. Have a cup of tea with Rejjie’s nan and explore how he’s built up his musical practice. How global and local, very classic Irish, influences effected his world of music. But of course the real question is Barry’s or Lyons?

For Vice sports, director Marcus McSweeney’s film Brothers in Arms, explores the similarities and differences of two opponents in fencing. How brotherly love amongst close friends can be the most competitive. This film brings a new modern perspective to the world of fencing. Cast by Marcus himself – finding the story and bringing it to life.

These films show the power of embedding sponsored content within a human lead story. Merging the product and brand messages in with the moving stories of inspiring people who take control of their destiny.